Recalathon Experiences

Recalibration’s exclusive Recalathon experience packages have been designed with both personal and professional goals in mind. Whether you want to realign your purpose, overcome a challenge, soothe your senses or simply enjoy the company of your colleagues, we’ve done all the work so you don’t have to.


Do you want to build a robust and resilient team?

At a time when remote working is fast becoming the norm, it’s a challenge to keep teams motivated and cooperative. Regroup is a series of workshops, activities and events in a natural, and neutral, off-site setting. The focus is on bringing the people in your team together, both literally and figuratively.

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Do you want to start kicking organisational goals?

When you want to conquer a mountain you sometimes need to stop in your tracks, take stock of your surroundings, and decide the best course of action to get you to the top. Realign is a series of workshops, activities and events in an inspiring natural landscape. It will motivate leaders to develop the skills required to get the competitive edge.

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Do you want to relax after all that hard work?

Our Rejuvenate Recalathon is all about indulgence.  You deserve to take time out to soothe aching muscles and ease a stressed mind. Rejuvenate is a series of treatments designed to restore and revive, increasing your energy and promoting positivity. Take in the beautiful surroundings whilst you let all that tension melt away. You’ll be floating along on cloud nine before the day is out.

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Do you want to boost energy and promote productivity?

Our Reinvigorate Recalathon is all about getting active.

It’s no secret that many of us live sedentary lives, often sitting in front of screens for hours on end. Reinvigorate is a series of activities designed to release physical tension and increase vitality. Feel yourselves come alive as you participate together or conquer challenges presented by the natural landscape together. It will be a buzz, we promise.

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Do you want to nurture your body and mind?

Our Recharge Recalathon is all about wellness.

When life is busy it’s often ourselves that we neglect. Recharge is a series of workshops, activities and events designed to help forge a healthier lifestyle and inspire long-lasting positive changes. Not only will you feel fantastic as a result but your friends, family and colleagues will enjoy your newfound vitality.

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Do you want to discover what the ‘craic’ is all about?

Our Regional Recalathon is all about enjoying the Irish culture.

Designed with discovery in mind Regional will help you explore and experience this very special part of Ireland. Our scenery, sports, songs and stories are nothing short of unique. The places you’ll see and the people you’ll meet will leave a lasting impression and you’ll be left wondering why it took you so long to visit.

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Benefits of our Recalathon experiences

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