What We Do

Recalibration provides tailored corporate experiences, known as Recalathons, set in the unforgettable landscape of County Kerry in the west of Ireland.

Our six Recalathons each have a different focus and are delivered through a series of modules. Alternatively pick and choose individual modules from any of these Recalathons to create a bespoke programme for your company.

We’ve combined the best of facilitators, accommodation and hospitality in the area, ensuring a positive and beneficial experience for everyone.


Our Recalathons are designed to develop individuals, both personally and professionally.

Whether you’re an employer wanting your team to return feeling more vibrant, focused and loyal or an employee wanting to feel more creative, motivated and revitalised, you’ll all experience the benefits when you return to the office.

FocusOn Excellence

We pride ourselves in being professional, personable and connected to our customers.

As an intrinsically Irish company offering uniquely Irish experiences, we want you to discover our beautiful country while you discover more about yourself and your colleagues. Most importantly we want you to enjoy the whole journey.

DesignedTo Your Needs

Recalibration will create a bespoke package to suit your unique requirements.

We’ll consider your organisation’s size, location/s, work structure (including shift patterns), culture, health and wellbeing needs, timings and budget. No two solutions are the same because no two businesses are the same.


Throughout our careers, we’ve participated in numerous conferences and workshops. Sadly we found many of these events were tedious and lacklustre. Little more than a tick box for HR.

Our mission is to provide inspiring and immersive corporate experiences that nurture personal and professional growth. We want our events to be enlightening, purposeful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Our Story About Recalibration

Who We AreOur Story

Recalibration is owned and run by Diana Thornton and Andy Smith. It was born out of our desire to improve the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of corporate employees and executives.

We’ve had firsthand experience of the negative and, at times, catastrophic, impacts of work-related stress.

With a background in senior management, across a variety of sectors, we’ve personally experienced periods of stress and exhaustion. We know how detrimental it was for our health and happiness but we’ve also watched our friends and family fall foul to its effects.

Whilst growing up in the Channel Islands, Andy watched his father battle against the pressures of his role in the finance industry. And Diana’s father sadly passed away at the age of 49 due to a stress-related coronary heart attack. The inability to switch off from work, relax, disconnect or engage in self-care all contributed to a life cut tragically short.

We founded Recalibration to prevent this from happening to other families. Our Recalathons help manage existing work-related stress whilst providing the tools needed to acquire a work-life balance.


Diana Thornton Recalibration-Corporate Experiences Ireland

A Little More AboutDiana Thornton

People who know me say I’m energetic, principled and loyal. And that I love to talk.

It’s true! As a people-person, I’m eternally curious about what makes people tick. I’m constantly learning new things from the conversations I have. And, because I love learning, I’m always having conversations.

Aside from talking, I’m very active in my local community, both as a volunteer and as a member of the local drama theatre. I strive to keep physically and mentally healthy and I feel it’s important to balance these two areas. I enjoy swimming and, in recent times, have embraced all-season sea swimming. The process of remaining in the cold water pushes me out of my comfort zone, builds my confidence and courage, and gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I feel amazing afterwards and it’s such a great way to enjoy our beautiful beaches here in Kerry.

As a mother to two grown-up daughters, I’ve always taught them that striking a work-life balance is essential for a happy and fruitful adult life. When they were growing up my advice to them was finish what you start. After all, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Diana Thornton Recalibration-Corporate Experiences Ireland
Andy Smith Recalibration-Corporate Experiences Ireland

A Little More AboutAndy Smith

I’m described as trustworthy, honest and energetic.

Like Diana, I’m another inquisitive people-person. You can imagine we’ve both found the recent pandemic challenging. Social distancing doesn’t suit us.

I love nothing better than being active and exercising in the gym. I’m involved with the local Rugby club in Listowel, firstly as a player and coach, then as Honorary President and member of the board. I’ve also sat on the IRFU committee for Kerry.

I admit to being very disciplined, probably due to my time being a Policeman in the UK. Along with this, I’m very meticulous when it comes to detail. I like to ensure things are done to the highest possible standard. Frustrating for some, but great news for our customers.

I’m a proud father to two boys and a girl. I advise them to live life to the fullest, try new experiences and always deliver on their promises.

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