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We always love to hear how our Recalathons have helped individuals and team members forge healthier lifestyles and strengthen working relationships.

Here is what some of them have to say.

  • John Byrne Civil Solutions
    John Byrne, Byrne Civil Solutions

    As owner and Managing Director of a Construction business, I’ve built a very successful and lucrative company but in the last couple of years I’ve suffered from stress and an inability to relax. I sought medical advice and was told I must slow down a little.

    As luck would have it, I found Recalibration. Some of the courses and experiences available were completely unknown to me but I decided a short break in the Irish countryside would do no harm. When I arrived, the hotel was excellent and the scenery, breathtaking. I even discovered I liked the taste of Guinness. In the coming days I tried Pilates, undertook a round of golf and established a much healthier diet. The trainers were first rate. Clear and concise with their instruction, but always aware of the condition of your health. There was also a great team spirit building up within the attending group. The hikes and climbs in the National Park and Lakes of Killarney were both healthy and stimulating, as was the venue. I was sad to leave but felt better than I had in months. I went back to my business fitter, less stressed, and much more motivated.

  • The Kerry Flyer Logo
    Nicola Lawless, Kerry Flyer, CEO

    I have been the CEO of a medium-sized transport company for the last 15 years. On joining I was aware of the company's target markets and past performance. I planned to set some form of the training program, ensuring staff was fully aware of targets, customer service levels, and working as a successful team.

    Great progress was made but Covid-19 presented a new challenge. The associated initial lockdown period meant that there was a loss of team cohesion. Following contact with Recalibration I enrolled 12 of my staff on a Regroup Recalathon course immediately after restrictions were lifted. I hoped this would allow them to reconnect and encourage them to bond with new members of staff. The course they attended was focused on communication and bonding as a unit, setting, agreeing and achieving targets, and showing enthusiasm and innovation towards achieving this. The feedback from my staff on their return has been very positive. Not only did they feel their knowledge and skills had grown considerably, but the venue for the course was a perfect choice. They felt far away from the pressures and strains of daily life, in a beautiful relaxed atmosphere. Since their return to work, I have seen significantly improved energy levels and interpersonal skills, and a much more open motivational attitud …

  • Charles Braithwaite

    I hold a senior position within an electrical component company. Over the years my time at work has increased, leaving little room for self-care. Accompany health-check showed my body weight index was too high and there were early signs of Type 2 diabetes.

    Attending the Recalibration course was greatly beneficial. Held in a lovely hotel in Killarney, I learned of the substantial benefits of physical exercise on the mind and body as well as tools to help me relax. There was an emphasis on how to manage leisure time and, crucially for me, how to develop a healthy controlled diet. Since attending the course I’ve reduced my weight by nearly two stones and I’m much more aware of what, and how much, to eat. A recent blood test showed my blood sugar levels have reduced and stabilised, much to my doctor’s satisfaction. I also bought a bicycle and put my name down to join the local golf club. The course has changed my whole lifestyle. The successes gained have undoubtedly motivated me to continue with this change. Thank you Recalibration

  • Sharon De Bhaldraithe

    I recently attended a Recalibration event aimed at reducing my stress levels. It was all I expected and more.

    The course centered on how to relax my mind and body, and how to balance my mental and physical health. Based in a lovely hotel in beautiful country scenery, it was conducted in a setting free from the daily pressures of life. Supplementing this was regular body massages, physical exercises, beauty treatment advice, and finally how to take the advice learned, back into everyday life. On my return home, I felt that I had more energy, and enthusiasm to make more of my lifestyle, with improved physical fitness, better use of my time, and a broadened outlook on how to achieve my new aspirations. I genuinely feel like a new woman.

  • John De Gruchy

    The Reinvigorate Recalathon was a great experience. We were introduced to a range of indoor and outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, rock climbing and several sporting pastimes.

    The highlight was biking through the Killarney National Park. We were given super-friendly and helpful service, with excellent guidance on the e-bikes which we had never ridden before. It is a perfect way to experience the beautiful Irish countryside, and the bikes cancelled out any challenges on the inclines we encountered. We will certainly be recommending Recalibration to clients, friends and colleagues.

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