Regional Recalathon

Immerse yourself in Irish culture, history and scenery with activities and tours designed to educate and stimulate.
Whether you’re visiting from another part of Ireland, or from overseas, our Regional Recalathon will help you to feel truly at home here in County Kerry. Each of the activities and tours will open your eyes, and hearts, to the beauty of this unique corner of Ireland.


New sensory experiences, such as a different culture or environment, develops and sharpens our tastes, exposing us to new ideas.


New knowledge and insights can be gained from museums, historic sites or by talking to locals. Learning expands our minds.


New connections mean different outlooks, shared experiences and fresh perspectives can develop into collaborations.

What YouCan Experience

As with all of our Recalathons, your group can complete the Recharge Recalathon in its entirety over one or two days. Alternatively, you can select modules from this Recalathon, along with modules from others, to create a tailored programme.


Pull your own pint experience

Irish pubs are popular all over the world as for being places full of fun, banter, music and character. Nothing quite beats a real Irish pub, especially when you’re able to pull your own pint.

Traditional music and dance session

Irish music a huge part of Irish culture. From tin whistles and fiddles to bodhráns and banjos, traditional Irish music is guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

Experience Irish Sport

Gaelic football, hurling and camogie are uniquely Irish and incredibly entertaining to watch and play. Once you have a basic understanding of the rules and scoring you’ll be hooked.

Historical tours

Whether you want to go back one hundred years or a couple of thousand, there are so many wonderful historic sites to see here in County Kerry.

Hiking and biking tours.

Whether you prefer hiking boots or bikes, you’ll never have a dull moment when exploring the Kerry countryside. From our mountains to the Wild Atlantic Way, the landscape is unforgettable.

Benefits of our Regional recalathons

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