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Our CommitmentTo The Environment

No matter what industry you’re in, the places and spaces in which we do business are key to the future of our planet. Governments alone cannot create a clean and healthy environment without our co-operation.

We are aware of the environmental threat to our future but, if everybody does a little, cumulatively it will make a difference.

Therefore, in order to protect the environment for ourselves and future generations, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.

As part of this, we support the following organisations and practices to protect the environment and educate for a greener future.

Crann Trees For Ireland

CrannTrees For Ireland

Crann, Trees for Ireland was formed in 1986 with the aim of releafing Ireland. Crann is Ireland’s leading voluntary tree organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of our trees, hedgerows and woodlands.

Through our membership with Crann we assist in raising awareness of the environmental importance of trees, hedgerows and woodlands.

Timber is a green, carbon-neutral and renewable source of building material and energy. Trees reduce global warming, and consequent climate change, by absorbing greenhouse gases. A single tree will absorb more carbon dioxide than would be produced by a car travelling to Beijing and back!

Easy Treesie Support

We contribute toEasy Treesie

As part of the Plant-for-the-Planet challenge, The Easy Treesie Project

aims to help school children plant a million trees on the island of Ireland by December 2023/24 and is part of the global focusing on the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.

Planting trees has positive impacts on the climate, which is why we were so keen support it. We commit to making a donation for every individual taking part in our multi-day Recalathon experiences. This donation will cover the cost of planting a native tree and the sponsorship of a tree in the Global South.

This initiative will have a huge impact on the school children involved. The Tree Workshops will reap dividends for years to come as the children grow and become the business and community leaders of the future.

More information about Easy Treesie

Reuse Reduce and Recycle Commitment

We Commit ToReduce, Reuse & Recycle

We commit to working with our service providers to create a cleaner and safer environment. Environmental factors are a focal point and will continue to receive appropriate attention.

We already incorporate sustainable practices into many aspects of Recalibration, such as eliminating the use of single-use plastic bottles and using recycled stationery. Our accommodation providers are requested to use locally sourced food suppliers and operate using sustainable green practices. We will continue to incorporate positive changes to our business operations, and those of our service providers, wherever possible.

Our Commitment to the Environment

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