Realign Recalathon

Performance workshops, activities and events designed to help your team reach their full potential.
Our Realign Recalathon is about attaining peak performance and is one of the best long-term investments you can make in your business. Each of the workshops, activities and events will inspire and motivate individuals to commit to achieving a shared vision. And developing the skills of your leaders will create a natural competitive advantage. At the end of this Recalathon, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a new standard of excellence.


Effective performance training helps teams and individuals set, and attain clear and aligned goals.


Dedicated training supports and develops strong employees on their expectations, priorities and performance.


Performance training aligns your team with your organisation’s vision. This increases engagement and improves results.

What YouCan Experience

As with all of our Recalathons, your group can complete the Realign Recalathon in its entirety over a few days. Alternatively, you can select modules from this Recalathon, along with modules from others, to create a tailored programme.


Leadership and interpersonal skills

Interact positively and work effectively with others. Gain better communication and listening skills and learn how to delegate tasks and manage office disputes and other personnel issues.

Motivation and goal setting

Learn what will motivate your team and help participants understand the goals of your organisation, as well as the individual steps and processes needed to achieve those goals.

Team Strengths and challenges

Participants will gain a better understanding of themselves, and their innate talents, while developing a true appreciation for their co-workers’ unique strengths.

Embracing change in the workplace

Accepting organisational change helps individuals to stay competitive, innovative and fearless. Become part of the change and adopt an attitude of anticipation and excitement.


Applying resilience frameworks helps individuals perform and thrive at a high level. Promote a growth mindset, increase performance and improve well-being.

Benefits of out Realign Recalathons

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