Team Building

Regroup Recalathon

Team-building workshops, activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote co-operation.

Our Regroup Recalathon is about improving how individuals come together to form effective and successful teams. Each of the workshops, activities and events will help individuals develop a greater appreciation of themselves and their work colleagues. Forming meaningful bonds and improving the flow of communication between co-workers will have a hugely beneficial effect on your organisation.



Team-building allows individuals to learn more about each other, helping forge stronger working relationships.


Improved communication leads to improved performance. Break down barriers that are in the way of effective communication.


Learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and build a more effective team by appreciating and utilising everyone’s skills.

What YouCan Experience

As with all of our Recalathons, your group can complete the Regroup Recalathon in its entirety over a few days. Alternatively, you can select modules from this Recalathon, along with modules from others, to create a tailored programme.

Team building

Communication and collaboration

Strengthen communication skills for improved effectiveness. Reduce confusion, encouraging open dialogue, maintain transparency, and increase collaboration and productivity.

Develop team dynamics

Identify strengths, potential risks and areas for development. Gain insight into your team members and how individual and collective behaviour impacts overall performance and subsequent results.

Innovation and optimism

Design thinking plays a big role in bringing potential ideas to life. Become innovative thinkers and uncover creative opportunities with various tools and problem-solving techniques.

Bonding within teams

Enhance communication and build camaraderie with fun activities and shared experiences which have been designed to promote cohesion, trust and bonding.

Getting to know each other outside work

Personal stories connect us. Getting to know your co-workers as individuals will bond a team and improve performance. Let’s start having some meaningful conversations.
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    What Our Clients Say

    Nicola Lawless, Kerry Flyer, CEO

    I have been the CEO of a medium-sized transport company for the last 15 years. On joining I was aware of the company's target markets and past performance. I planned to set some form of the training program, ensuring staff was fully aware of targets, customer service levels, and working as a successful team.

    Great progress was made but Covid-19 presented a new challenge. The associated initial lockdown period meant that there was a loss of team cohesion. Following contact with Recalibration I enrolled 12 of my staff on a Regroup Recalathon course immediately after restrictions were lifted. I hoped this would allow them to reconnect and encourage them to bond with new members of staff. The course they attended was focused on communication and bonding as a unit, setting, agreeing and achieving targets, and showing enthusiasm and innovation towards achieving this. The feedback from my staff on their return has been very positive. Not only did they feel their knowledge and skills had grown considerably, but the venue for the course was a perfect choice. They felt far away from the pressures and strains of daily life, in a beautiful relaxed atmosphere. Since their return to work, I have seen significantly improved energy levels and interpersonal skills, and a much more open motivational attitude, to their role and successes.

Benefits of our Regroup recalathons

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