Great progress was made but Covid-19 presented a new challenge. The associated initial lockdown period meant that there was a loss of team cohesion. Following contact with Recalibration I enrolled 12 of my staff on a Regroup Recalathon course immediately after restrictions were lifted. I hoped this would allow them to reconnect and encourage them to bond with new members of staff. The course they attended was focused on communication and bonding as a unit, setting, agreeing and achieving targets, and showing enthusiasm and innovation towards achieving this.

The feedback from my staff on their return has been very positive. Not only did they feel their knowledge and skills had grown considerably, but the venue for the course was a perfect choice. They felt far away from the pressures and strains of daily life, in a beautiful relaxed atmosphere.

Since their return to work, I have seen significantly improved energy levels and interpersonal skills, and a much more open motivational attitude, to their role and successes.